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Baldor vs Leeson

Baldor and Leeson have been making electric motors for decades. Both companies even share a common past. Emil Doerr, one of Baldor Electric's founders, had a son Lee who started his own company which ended up being called Leeson. So there are years of expertise that has gone into each company's products and you probably won't go wrong with either motor.

At Big Electric Motors, we favor the Leeson. The reasons we prefer the Leeson electric motor over the Baldor are:

  • The single phase Baldor motors can produce a large spark when they cycle on. This has been a consitent complaint of many owners that Baldor has yet to address. The attitude of the company is that the spark is not a problem.
  • Leeson has a better warranty than Baldor. Depending on the motor, it can be twice the warranty period. If nothing else it shows that Leeson stands behind their product.
  • Some motors, such as instant reverse, single phase, or fractional HP, Leeson just does better than Baldor. 

Brand loyalty can factor into the purchasing decision, but don't discount the experiences of others. We listen to the stories of our customers and try to provide the highest quality equipment to provide years of worry-free performance.


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